Secure Communication

Encrypted calls, messaging and file sharing in closed circles.

Increased Productivity

Boosted efficiency via mobile devices in the workplace.

ADEYA is a swiss company that provides end-to-end encryption for mobile communication either iPhone or iPad

Secure mobile communication with maximum control, maximum security

Private Contacts

Centrally managed, automatically updated private contact list that is independent from the device's native contacts.

Encrypted Calls

Encrypted one-to-one and group conference calls with crystal clear voice quality on off-the-shelf mobile devices.

Secure Messaging

Encrypted SMS and instant messaging in the workplace. Secure broadcast and group chat among trusted contacts.

Secure File Sharing

Efficient and end-to-end encrypted file sharing: securely exchange, store and manage your corporate files.

Products that fit your needs

Adeya On-Premise

Adeya on-premise as an in-house mobile collaboration system: realise more restricted installations and comply with dedicated organizational IT policies.

Adeya On-Cloud

Adeya on-cloud as a cost effective, hosted service in highly secure Swiss data centres: set up your closed circle in minutes and start secure mobile collaboration instantly.

Adeya Healthcare

Adeya Healthcare made for the healthcare sector's secure collaboration needs: Modern, secure and efficient communication for the healthcare staff.

Adeya as an OEM

Adeya as an OEM for IT service providers: Increase your portfolio with a white-labeled Adeya solution deployed on an infrastructure of your choice.

Customers from wide-ranging industries


Governmental institutions, ministries, parliaments, security operation & cybersecurity centres, law enforcement and presidential offices use Adeya to secure their communications. Share your sensitive national and real-time critical information with Adeya, securely.


Military-grade encryption on mobile devices for defense ministries, army, national & border guards, military police and intelligence services. Customisable cryptography for national compliance; numerous on-premise deployment scenarios for increased control.


Secure healthcare communication and improved productivity for doctors, nurses, hospital staff, clinics and pharmacies using mobile devices. Comply with national and international regulations with Adeya while exchanging personal healthcare information.


Secure enterprise communications for financial institutions, insurance companies, pharmaceutical sector, law firms, family offices, energy industry,  high-tech start-ups and many more. Keep your intellectual property and financial assets safe with Adeya.