Our Customers Testimonials

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Fiedler Beate Tamara
Chief Security Officer
Adeya was introduced to us for secure communication between specific people. The implementation was quick, and the support is excellent. We are very satisfied with the service and its functions and can only recommend Adeya to others.
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Rohit Kapur Asst
General Manager
Brentford has relied on Adeya’s application in serving the needs of its clients across three continents. We have been impressed with the product’s voice quality and encrypted conference calling capabilities.
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Ash Menon
Chief Executive Officer
Adeya is the ideal solution to protect corporate information highly reliable and robust for the Finance industry. I would recommend the solution for similar organizations.
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Denis De Carvalho Leal
Chief Operation Officer
Adeya has helped me to improve productivity and easily share confidential information with the rest of our team in a secure way. Recent data breaches from those underlines the importance to adopt security by design solutions. Quality is far superior without compromising usability.
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