Can companies afford not to keep their data private?

Can companies afford not to keep their data private?

How can you uphold a satisfactory degree of network security when people insist on using the newest collaboration app or messaging tool?

We’ll give you a hint… you can’t.

In the Information Age, digital footprints could remain intact forever.

Internet users are beginning to realize that the need for additional storage is increasing, and because of this, data retention for unauthorized users has become simpler.

However, network security should never be placed on the back burner. Far too many businesses are too comfortable placing confidential business information on another party’s servers, and one compromised sensitive document could be detrimental to your business if mishandled.

Implementing policies can help, but when employees download Slack, WhatsApp, or Signal to their devices and begin working within those applications, data loss prevention becomes difficult because they are knowingly putting confidential company information on another server where it could be tracked or compromised. It is nearly impossible to recover compromised data.

Mandating the use of company equipment and software is another proven answer, but it can be difficult logistically and is an expensive solution. This method works but is likely best suited for organizations that can’t afford to let any of their sensitive data be leaked.

Another option is for a company to recommend certain services or apps and clearly delineate what can and cannot be protected if guidelines are not followed. This approach could have a lot of downfalls, specifically with regards to security breaches.

The Significance of Secure Data

Fortunately, through Adeya another encrypted messaging answer exists that combines device flexibility, security, collaboration, and admin privileges. Sysadmins need to have certain functions available to control, and we aim to provide a comprehensive solution that combines the highest level of security with a simple download.

To be successful, a file sharing system must be reliable and meet security and auditing criteria. If it doesn’t, the company risks losing or leaking sensitive data and mopping up the calamitous outcomes. Failure to defend financial information, intellectual property, customer data, and additional kinds of private information can cause fines, court proceedings, impaired reputation, and possibly business loss if the damage is too destructive.

Many software security companies would be happy to develop personalized software for your team, but these custom solutions normally have to be installed on every device manually by the security company themselves. With the simplicity of a personal download, we circumvent all of this.

Important pieces of data that typically all businesses store must follow compliance with data protection, including customer information, employee details, transactions, and loyalty programs. Third parties with negative intentions misuse sensitive data for fraudulent reasons, such as to steal identities or to conduct phishing scams.

Your business might store and will need to protect the following common pieces of sensitive data:

  • Name
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Credit card or bank information
  • Personal health data

All of this information is sensitive as it could pertain to your employees and their families, clients, business associates, shareholders, customers, and other individuals.

A data breach can be expensive, as staff and customers could legally pursue reparation against your organization. Being cautious with data in business is highly important to avoid fines or punishments for noncompliance with data protection laws.

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The Price of a Data Breach

On average, businesses experience charges of $7 million on average per breach. These expenses were estimated in 2017 and may become higher with the onset of the GDPR penalties if companies do not comply.

Different types of business could face other fines from:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • The Federal Communications Commission

The biggest expenses in a data breach include remediation, customer loss, disruption of business, fines, legal expenses, public relations, exposed client data, notification costs, direct loss of finances, identity theft restoration, and credit card monitoring.

We are firm in our belief that businesses shouldn’t be faced with high expenses from data breaches, and we’re confident that data protection is an investment that truly pays off in the end.

Why Adeya?

To maximize productivity and make the most of all of your company’s opportunities, your staff needs a collaboration platform that is secure. There are three specific areas through which Adeya blows the competition out of the water when making security a priority for your organization.

1. Improved Communication

First, communication within your business can be improved insurmountably. Adeya has the capability to store contacts privately, autonomous from the contacts already on the device. All secure video conferencing, calls, instant messages, SMS, group chat, and secure broadcast are all 100% encrypted. All of these features are highly needed by business customers, but end-to-end encryption for conference calls is one area where Adeya surpasses many of our competitors. Data protection and privacy compliance is now achievable.

2. Maximized Collaboration

Regardless of how many staff are in-office or working remotely, collaboration is seamless when using the Adeya solution. The responsive design allows for secure and efficient sending of corporate files, data synchronization, and individual, as well as team notes, are encrypted, saved, and updated instantly. For your business, this means you’ll always have the files (and help) you need, right when you need it.

3. Enhanced Connections

Teams can be managed instantly with our secure and user-friendly web app. Company policies and announcements can be made seamlessly. Monitor team member usage and generate reports in the user-friendly dashboard. Now, nobody will miss anything.

Secure collaboration and file sharing are imperative to managing workflows in a variety of industries. From pharmaceutical development and lending organizations to acquisitions and mergers, secure tools now make it feasible to send sensitive documentation to coworkers, supervisors, regulators, partners, and shareholders.

Adeya can be downloaded on many major operating systems, including Android and iOS. Only approved users can access the software through an invitation to download. The Adeya solution combines the ease of messaging apps with the capability of a secure network that system administrators insist upon.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Mary Meeker recently presented on the topic of Internet trends – her presentation has become a benchmark for executives in the technology industry – and she pointed out how consumers aren’t purchasing more devices. People want to finally accomplish more with what they already have.

Many businesses will likely soon begin switching to paid encrypted messaging apps. The scenario now where many staff members are authorized to use a variety of apps for business won’t be around for much longer as there are too many moving parts and it tends to become unorganized and chaotic.

Adeya should be seen as a long-lasting resolution to a major organizational issue. Data protection is fundamental and should be recognized as such. We are proud to offer a secure and complete business solution that presents a new way to collaborate and work without implementing a lockdown of equipment or subjecting your proprietary sensitive data.

In this day and age, it has become crystal clear to the general public that data and communication (messaging and email) are highly exposed. When infringed upon, the development of a business can be suddenly shifted. This is why the channels of communication must become secure.

Data protection is a legal requirement but is also imperative in supporting and defending your business. We know the struggle and are aware that there are many organizations that are displeased with the current options. At Adeya, we are available if your company is in need of a multifaceted and secure collaboration software solution.



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