Secure communication for governmental institutions, ministries, parliaments, security operation & cybersecurity centres, law enforcement and presidential offices. Keep your sensitive national and real-time critical information safe.


Military-grade encryption for defense ministries, army, national & border guards, military police and intelligence services. Support for customisable cryptography for national compliance; Adeya On-Premise for a more increased control.


Adeya Healthcare for secure mobile communication needs of the healthcare staff. Comply with national and international regulations with Adeya Healthcare while exchanging personal healthcare information.

Financial Institutions

Securely exchange financial information and avoid the risk of data exposure to unwanted parties. Banks, wealth-managers and investment companies use Adeya to secure their highly sensitive financial assets.


Multinational energy, oil and gas companies use Adeya to secure top management's sensitive communications. Closed circle secure mobile communication and collaboration on-the-go without borders.

Insurance Companies

Exchange of personal client data over the smartphones is exposed to uncontrolled server infrastructures and it is made in an inadequately secure way. Secure your client's information that are shared over smartphones with Adeya.

Family Offices

To secure their assets, family offices enjoy closed community communication through Adeya Cloud without worrying about IT infrastructure. Fast, easy-to-use and secure communication made simple.


Pharmaceutical industry secures sensitive R&D activities and their intellectual property via Adeya. Secure mobile collaboration over off-the-shelf mobile devices increases productivity at the workplace.

Law Firms

Law firms, audit & tax consultants and legal offices use Adeya Cloud to secure highly-sensitive information. Innovative secure mobile collaboration allows competitive advantage for legal professionals.

High-Tech Start-Ups

High-tech start-ups use Adeya Cloud to secure their intellectual property. By easily expanding their closed community with external collaborators using Adeya Cloud, sensitive-information stay in the closed circle.