Benefits of Data Privacy Protection Compliance & Data Privacy

Security breaches are a PR nightmare. The bad publicity alone drives away customers and costs companies millions in lost revenue. Mitigating and responding to the breach often incurs unforeseen IT expenses. After the dust settles, regulatory fines add another hit to your line.

GDPR and later CCPA changed how businesses process PII and other sensitive data and required they report data breaches promptly. In 2018, data security compliance discussions focused on following the letter of the law and avoiding fines. Today, GDPR compliance to data protection and being CCPA compliant provides peace of mind. Following compliance with data protection regulations—required or not—by obtaining consent, minimizing data collection and retention, and upholding the rights of data subjects demonstrates your commitment to your customers. One of the key benefits of data protection compliance is building trust with customers.

Keep their trust by ensuring GDPR compliance to data protection and keeping sensitive communications and collaborations on Adeya’s end-to-end and at-rest encrypted suite.


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Adeya’s easy-to-use platform lets you spend less time worrying about data privacy compliance and more time on your core business. Our customizable solution offers audit trails, logs, role-based access, and other enterprise-grade features tailored to meet data privacy compliance needs, including the CCPA, GDPR, and industry-specific regulations. We also understand financial data security compliance and personal health information data security. Our mobile-first platform keeps all internal communications secure with our encrypted messenger, including voice calls, video conferences, messages, and shared files, secure and compliant while military-grade encryption ensures your sensitive data remains secret.

By integrating with our platform with your existing PBX, MBM, and other systems, we guarantee a painless transition. We secure everything with end-to-end encryption, including secure video conferencing, messaging, online video meetings and calls, and file management and file sharing. Audit trails and logs provide full transparency, which is essential for reporting compliance. Activity reports and connection management—available on the Central Management console—keep you in control of your communications. You can even integrate it with your ERP or CRM. These features let Adeya slip into your existing workflow seamlessly.

Adeya puts your data privacy and security compliance first. When we say “no data retention,” we mean it. Whether you’re looking for financial data security compliance, working on internal strategies, or exchanging customer information, we protect your data. We use our data protection compliance software with the highest grade of security and hide all information from prying eyes.

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Data Compliance FAQs

Why Is Adeya’s Data Protection Compliance Software Data Compliance More Secure Than Its Competitors?

Adeya is a Swiss-based company which provides many benefits of data protection compliance thanks to Switzerland’s constitutional right to privacy and our Federal Data Protection Act (DPA). Unlike the US and other countries, Switzerland does not allow backdoors. Our software and servers are fully compliant with Swiss law. All data transmitted by our platform remains strictly confidential because we believe in military-grade security, not backdoors.

How Can My Business Ensure GDPR Compliance tot Data Protection?

Our data protection compliance software is fully GDPR compliant with end-to-end encryption and a robust authentication process. Customizable privacy parameters and configuration options help you better implement your company privacy and security policies and comply with industry-specific and national regulations.

What Does Military-Grade Security Mean for Data Compliance?

All Adeya products use AES-256 encryption. AES-256 is the standard required by governments to protect classified information. For us, military-grade security means AES-256 end-to-end and at-rest encryption within a secure container. Our products are fully vetted, trusted, and currently used within the defense industry and by government institutions. Adeya On-Premise even allows customized cryptographic suites, including national cryptographic sets.

We protect you by securing all forms of communication, including texts, voice mails, files, and contacts, with best-in-class encryption.

How Are Adeya’s Products Tested for DPA & Data Security Compliance?

Independent security labs fully vet and verify our platform. After we conduct our stringent security tests, we pay some of the best independent security experts in the world to break our product. Then we fix it and ask them to try again. This process lets us identify any potential security or data compliance issues and correct them before we release our products. It also ensures we always follow current security best practices. Spending the time and money during development, not after, keeps us ahead of the curve and your data and interests secure.

How Does Adeya Handle Employee Data Privacy?

Adeya secures employee personal information with the same technology we use for your customers and other business contacts. We encrypt everything. Customizable user privacy settings allow you to implement corporate privacy policies designed for how and where you work. These settings let you address employee privacy concerns without compromising your company requirements.

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