Shield Sensitive Communications

A recent New York Times article showed how easy it was to use commercially available datasets to track a secret service officer attached to the US President. Once identified, it would be easy for any capable hacker to intercept unsecured or under secured communications and violate data protection and privacy.

“Hacking has become easy.”
– International Monetary Fund


Pain Point

Senior personnel and governmental officials demand consumer messaging apps because they’re popular, efficient and easy to use.  Organizations like their price point—free—and their security feature marketing material looks convincing. Moreover, if IT objects, they will still download and use the apps on their personal devices without IT approval.

The result could be devastating.

On 31 October 2019, the world learned about an internal WhatsApp investigation. Earlier that year, hackers targeted senior government and military officials from at least 20 nations with a notorious spyware.

Their attack vector: WhatsApp itself.


Adeya Guard Solution


Stop losing the Shadow IT war

Don’t say no to consumer messaging apps; change the conversation by presenting senior personnel with an IT-approved alternative to consumer messaging and collaboration apps such as an encrypted messenger.

Forget about bulky and complicated specialized communications systems. Adeya Guard lets staff make secure phone calls and exchange secure message using their own devices, whether they’re in-country or abroad.

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Get the Adeya Guard you need!

Apply military-grade encryption to communications throughout your organization and protect sensitive communications with ephemeral messaging and auto-destruction capabilities.

Stay in control when you deploy Adeya fully on-premise, including high system availability. Increase your security and compliance with data protection by integrating your specific cryptography and personalizing your public key infrastructure.


Assign instructions with Adeya

Your workforce is mobile, so is Adeya.
Assign mission-critical tasks to personnel and keep track of their progress from start to finish with task acceptance and completion notifications.

Integrate Adeya into your workflow. Keep employees connected around the world with encrypted voice calls, note-taking, and messaging and improve collaboration with multi-points secure video conferencing.

System Integrations

Customize Your Adeya Guard

Make onboarding and training easy. Adeya works with major mobile device management (MDM) systems. Implement your national cryptographic algorithms throughout your entire organization, stay regulatory compliant, and meet your national security requirements.

When consumer messaging apps infiltrate your organization, your country loses. Start building a strong cyber defense today with Adeya.


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The CLOUD Backdoor to National Secrets and Other Sensitive Data to learn more about consumer messaging apps in the workplace may be a national security risk.

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