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Taking risks is something at Adeya we help companies keep to a minimum, especially when it comes to crucial data that should only be seen by those authorised to do so. We provide a level of trust when using our encrypted video calling platform that enables you to pass this trust to your staff and your clients. You want flawless, secure collaboration to improve productivity and work processes, and we can provide the platform and tools to do this efficiently. The Confidential Video Conferencing feature integrates Adeya’s military-grade security DNA with cutting edge collaboration tools, creating a framework that encrypts all parts of a multi-user conference. It is providing peace of mind that the identity of users within the closed circle is guarded and managed by the administrator. Any external users that have not been validated to use your secure video conferencing will not be able to enter, meaning only those authorized will be able to communicate with each other in the meeting room. Conversations are encrypted in motion and decrypted only on authorized devices, securing the conversation through any network.

The Adeya application is obfuscated to prevent code reverse engineering and the data kept on our servers is minimized to prevent any potential leakage and infiltration. We regularly test our infrastructure using third-party laboratories to push our system to the limit so that we can keep it at the highest possible standard. Our encrypted video can be easily integrated into your current processes, with the Adeya approach to secure video teleconferences providing improved productivity that will not disrupt any existing workflows. There is no better way to experience it then trying the platform yourself on a trial basis to fully understand the key components.

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Secure Video Conferencing & Video Calls

If you are still unsure of the need for encrypted video calls, then you only need to take a look at the many high-profile data breaches and instances of video hijacking that have been in the media in recent months. Unlike other popular video call platforms, we can prevent any attempt of unauthorized parties attempting to intercept data, causing a company’s worst-case scenario. Could you afford to have your reputation and market position put under threat due to a flaw in your approach to secure video teleconferences? Not many organizations would be able to take that risk, and encrypted communication services are there to provide prevention.

With Adeya, we adhere to the highest standards of security that include AES-256 encryption. Our encrypted video calling is part of a wider collaboration suite that provides proven solutions to adhere to industry-specific compliance with data protection requirements. Not only that, but you will benefit from excellent voice and video quality that supports PBX integration, whether it’s a one-to-one video call or a collaboration between many people. This is all whilst only the individuals intended to receive and access the video call can see the decrypted information – no exceptions.

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Encrypted Video along with Calls & Messages

When using secure video conferencing, you want to feel confident that everything involved in the call is kept private and only for the intended attendees. There is no room for compromise on this, which is why when using Adeya’s multi-screen video conferencing and encrypted messenger you can trust that our E2E is best in class no matter the information being shared and the number of participants involved. There’s a reason we say our products use military-grade security as it is used within the defense industry as well as government institutions, fully vetted and trusted by organizations the world over.

By choosing Adeya for your encrypted video conferencing, you’ll benefit from our adherence to Swiss law data protection and privacy standards, meaning no-one will have access to the decryption key, keeping everything discussed, shared and collaborated on safe and secure between the authorized parties.

Adeya video calls work cross-platform so that your team and clients will not all have to have the same technology to access it. Whether using iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux, our platform allows seamless collaboration.

Using encrypted video conferencing is a key feature in today’s world, allowing people to stay connected when they can’t do so face-to-face. Organizations must take the necessary steps to ensure their video calls are as secure as possible and make the right choice amongst a crowded market. With Adeya, you can empower your team with Swiss, simple secure collaboration.

With a rise in identity theft and information leaks, can your organization afford not to take encrypted video conferencing seriously? Find out today how the Adeya platform is the perfect solution and book a demo to see for yourself.

Encrypted Video Conferencing FAQs

Why Should I Consider Adeya instead of other Popular Video Platforms?

Unlike many other popular video call apps and platforms, the Adeya solution provides military-grade encryption, offering confidential, high-definition video conference calls. Since 2007, we have become one of the most experienced providers of mobile enterprise-grade communication in the world. Our approach to collaboration puts the user firmly in control and increases your right to privacy whilst working under Switzerland’s Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and its constitution.

Increase productivity, control the audience, protect your identity – these are our core messages and enable the security we put in place to deliver leading video call encryption to aid your company’s work processes.

Does Adeya only provide Encrypted Video Conferencing?

The Adeya platform provides not just industry-leading encrypted video calls, but a full communication suite that is built for seamless collaboration between your staff and your clients. You’ll be able to securely collaborate using video, instant messaging, calls and file sharing, meaning our platform can enhance productivity across your current working processes. Seamless workflows, easy screen sharing, secure file management and simple system integration are all possible using the Adeya platform.

How Can I Ensure Adeya’s Secure Video Calls Are Safe to Use?

Trust is high on our agenda and we let our platform demonstrate this in action, so when you book a demo, you’ll be able to see for yourself how secure it is when making secure video calls. We have spent years developing our products and solutions and have become concerned about how easy other video platforms have been intercepted by unauthorized parties. We provide a different service that is impenetrable to those without strict authorized usage, using E2E and at-rest encryption as well as robust authentication to provide a highly secure collaboration platform.

What Sectors Use Adeya Secure Video Teleconferences?

We provide our services to many different industries including government institutions, finance companies, energy and utility providers, healthcare organizations and more. They trust our platform to provide the privacy and security they need to provide their services without the worry of unauthorized individuals causing data breaches and leaking highly sensitive information for the purposes of blackmail. We believe we offer a higher standard of encryption and cloud data privacy than many of the popular video collaboration platforms available to businesses worldwide, and we’d be more than happy to schedule a demo so you can see the Adeya platform in action.

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