Secure your Digital Workplace

The Adeya solution components:

  • Secure Mobile Communications
  • Secure Collaboration Tools
  • Secure Business Connections

Supported Platforms
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Secure Communications

Adeya is a leading provider of secure, end-to-end encrypted calls, instant messaging, and collaboration tools. Adeya’s cost-effective, easy-to-use solution allows you to securely communicate within your organization anytime, anywhere. The Adeya mobile app is available for most popular operating systems (iOS and Android). It is distributed via a private access point and is accessible only to users who receive download invitations.

Private Contacts

Centrally managed, automatically updated private contact list that is independent of the device's native contacts.

Encrypted Calls

Phone conversations or conference calls completely encrypted, voice quality remains intact. PBX integration supported.

Secure Messaging

Encrypted SMS and instant messaging in the workplace. Secure broadcast and group chat among trusted contacts.

Secure Collaborations Tools

The Adeya solution allows interaction while using various device types. This flexibility enables collaboration between multiple offices, connecting employees working remotely, or organizing meetings with customers or suppliers. The files shared between users are end-to-end encrypted, and the client has control over the exchanged content, including encrypted meeting notes.

Multi-Screen Application

The design of the application is adapted for each device screen type, assuring the best experience regardless of device - laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Secure File Sharing

Efficient, end-to-end encrypted file sharing securely exchanges, stores, and manages your corporate files.

Protected Note-Taking

Capture ideas and organize and share notes on the go. The best ideas are always synchronized, encrypted, and safe.

Secure Business Connections

The Adeya solution creates highly secure business connections. User management and monitoring are very user-friendly thanks to a visual dashboard and graphical data. The extensive customization options, from simple visual identity to cryptographic algorithms, allow us to meet the most varied needs of our customers.


Customize user interfaces for seamless integration with the environment. Distinct in its unique capability to integrate with custom cryptographic algorithms.

Business Connections Management

Manage communities via a user-friendly and highly secure web application.

Information Broadcast

The ability to instantly broadcast information and implement company policies can improve management efficiency and increase employee engagement.


Track the use of community members and view and output reports through the dashboard.

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