Secure Communications Staying Private

Military-grade encrypted real time one-to-one, group and video calls, SMS, and team instant messaging.


Private Contacts

Keeps your contact list private and independent from the device’s directory and synched centrally.


Voice And Video Calls

Individual calls and secure video conferencing encrypted with excellent voice quality. PBX integration supported.


Secure Messaging

Encrypted Messenger SMS and instant communication. Secure broadcast and group chat.


Live Location Sharing

Confidential real-time location sharing limited on time with individual or group chat.

Compliant Secure Collaboration

Organization productivity with multi-screen video conferencing, workflows assignment with remote staff and partners


Multi User Conference

Trigger online meetings over video, multisite training or remote technical support.


Screen Sharing

Collaborate sharing screens securely, presenting documents without eyedrop or print screen.


Workflows Display

Acknowledge tasks, trigger seamless workflows, speed up processes and agility to your organization.


Multi Screen Application

Responsive application design that will adapt to each screen type assures the best user experience.


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Secure Container Protecting Your Documents

Safeguard and share sensitive documents, from a dedicated encrypted container accessible from any device and synched.


Secure File Management

All your files, images, videos and any data are stored securely on your secure container that complies with data protection and privacy.


Secure File Sharing

Efficient file sharing that exchanges, stores, and manages your corporate files.

Secure File Hosting

Secure File Hosting

Benefits, from military grade end-to-end encryptions isolated from your devices.

Data Retantion

Data Audits Log Reporting

Auditable and compliant communications designed to provide organisation with full visibility of messages and logs through sophisticated reporting capabilities.

Automated Workflows At Your Finger Tips

Adeya connect is an integration gateway enabling automated workflows with bots and customization integration with the collaboration platform.

System Integrations

System Integrations

Integrate Adeya connect with your digital ecosystem and enjoy simplified daily workflows and time savings while increasing your organisation speed and agility. Tasks assignment or alert automation more accurate through apps and bots.

Bot Interface

Bot Interface

Automation becomes easy through Adeya connect creating a seamless connection from workflows to applications. The Adeya secure market place connects industry specific bots and apps with your secure collaboration workspace.


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Meeting Business Connections Data Privacy

Keep IT enterprise in the driver’s seat of policies and controls with the central management console.

Connection Management

Connections Management

Manage organization identities and allocate right via a user-friendly and highly secure web application.

Workflows Intergration

Workflows Integration

Connect daily workflows to your core ERP or CRM systems that will bring agility to your organization.



Track and create output activity reports for community members through the dashboard.

Information Broadcast

Information Broadcast

Broadcast information and implement company policies instantly increases employee engagement.

Own Your Solution, Own Your Data

Military-grade encryption protects your data.
We do not share it with anybody else.

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Swiss Privacy

Provide your organization global control across a single platform. Applying the highest privacy and compliance with data protection to Swiss law standards.

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With end-to-end encryption, only the individuals sending and receiving information can read it. No one else has the decryption key, including the service provider.

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Adeya has rigorous internal security policies that are informed by well-known practices and international privacy regulations such as GDPR.



We conduct independent third party vulnerability testing. As well as internal security centric design within highly qualified team based on security guidelines and standards.

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Responding To Commissioning Needs

Premise Deployment

On Premise Deployment

  • Controlled internalized deployment
  • Salable architecture and customizable
  • Resilience through multiple redundant sites
  • Allowing cryptographic customization
Hybrid Cloud

Local Private Cloud

  • Meeting local regulations
  • Specific data privacy compliance
  • Scalable architecture
  • Fast deployment
Private Cloud

Swiss Private Cloud

  • Swiss privacy and data protection
  • Your community set up in minutes
  • Fast deployment
  • Cost effective

We Solve Industry Specific Needs



For Government officials, secure communications are vital to fulfilling their mission-critical functions.



With industry and economics at stake, secure collaboration are imperative for those working in the financial sector.


Energy and Utilities

We understand the vital role that telecommunications play in the energy industry.



Transforming the healthcare digital processes to work faster, improve patient care and optimize operations.

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