Frost & Sullivan Sound the Alarm for Secure Communications

Frost & Sullivan Sound the Alarm for Secure Communications

In a new report titled The Secure Communications Market and Landscape, Frost & Sullivan highlights the growing need for secure enterprise communications and the burdens shadow IT places on both employees and the company.

When we think about shadow IT, our thoughts instantly turn towards platform security, lack of integration with existing systems, and business-critical data exiting the corporate umbrella and sometimes the corporate memory. We forget what using a “patchwork of public applications” does to employees’ workflows and their ability to separate their personal and professional lives.

Flipping between apps like Dropbox, Slack, WhatsApp, and Skype places a barrier between your communication channels. Your employees are constantly thinking things like:

  • Did I accidentally send a WhatsApp message containing a draft prospectus to my college roommate instead of my boss?
  • A customer asked to discuss his contract via Skype video conference. Should I accept?
  • An external consultant that we just started collaborating with sends his project updates over Slack. Should I install this app on my computer?

These questions arise because by design each app is a separate communication channel. Since the app providers want you to use their app, not their competitors, you can’t see your WhatsApp messages in Slack and vice versa. Services like WhatsApp and Skype, which have an intense focus on the consumer market, offer a contact import feature that actually merges your employees’ business and personal contacts. Your employees now must remember which apps they used for a given project and whether Matt is a business contact or their child’s first-grade teacher.

By turning to consumer communication tools, you lose control over your data. You cannot control its monetization or monitor its security. However, as Frost & Sullivan point out, these patchwork solutions introduce a greater problem—data sovereignty.

Do these apps house your data in your geographic region? If not, are their servers hosted in a country with data protection and privacy laws compatible with your own? If you work in the financial sector, healthcare, or government, are the apps in compliance with data protection and with your industry and national regulations? What are the consequences to your organization if they aren’t?

We appreciate Frost & Sullivan’s in-depth look into these and other issues surrounding the need for secure enterprise communications and thank them for acknowledging Adeya’s encrypted messaging platform as a key player in the secure communications market:

“The Adeya secure communications platform offers a white-label solution that provides strong integration with existing company IT that may dissuade employees from deploying shadow IT, while increasing productivity.

Jason Reed, Senior Industry Analyst – Cybersecurity, Frost & Sullivan

You can download Frost & Sullivan’s “The Secure Communications Market Landscape” here.

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