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When Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló and his staff exchanged Telegram messages in December 2018, they unwittingly doomed his administration. He resigned in disgrace on 2 August 2019, less than a month after investigative journalists published the Telegram transcripts.

Luckily for everyone involved, his messages only damaged careers, not national & government security.


Pain Point

Government and public officials love the price point—free—and convenience of consumer messaging apps. These apps advertise themselves as private and secure. Reality does not match the marketing.
Hackers employ sophisticated malware and take advantage of known app exploits to gain access to mobile devices belonging to government officials. Government hacking involving these attacks are a threat to your nation’s political, economic, and national security.

On 31 October 2019, the world learned about an internal WhatsApp investigation. Earlier that year, hackers targeted senior government and military officials from at least 20 nations with a notorious spyware.



Make secure government communications your shield with Adeya.

Restore senior officials’ confidence in mobile communications with an end-to-end (E2E) encrypted messenger and phone calls, secure location sharing, and more. Keep officials connected and in the loop with real-time communications when they’re in-country and overseas whilst ensuring data protection and privacy.

The administration console keeps IT in control of identities. Encryption protects public sector data both in transit and on each individual device. Shielded application code further prevents successful government hacking.

If the worst happens, a user-triggered remote wipe prevents data leaks.

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Make Exchanging Files Email-less and Painless


Pain Point

For years, employees used email to exchange files, including highly sensitive ones. Many organizations backup every email with its attachments and then backup the backup, with deletion almost impossible. The cloud makes this worse.

To hackers, email presents a prime attack vector. For every 302 emails your employees receive, 1 is malicious.

Solution - Get secure with Adeya

We encrypt everything from the files to the communication protocols. We also leave no data-trace in the cloud.


Put Government Security First with Adeya Guard

Shield phone calls, messages, voicemails, and shared files and have access to secure video conferencing with military-grade encryption shields. Ephemeral messaging and user-controlled auto-destruction further safeguards sensitive government communications.

Adeya Guard offers tailored on-premise deployment, personalized public key infrastructure, and integration with specific cryptographic sets. This lets you meet compliance with data protection regulations without breaking your budget.

Discover seamless communications with PBX integration. Minimize IT resentment within your organization and generate buy-in by separating system administration from community management.

Make secure government communications your strength. Customize your solution today!


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