A Mobile-First Strategy to implement Secure Enterprise Messaging Tools

A Mobile-First Strategy to implement Secure Enterprise Messaging Tools

The quantity of connected devices is astounding; and as a result, reliance on mobile messaging has risen steeply. It’s estimated that tens of billions of devices are in use worldwide that are capable of instant and fast communication. This means that businesses must implement a mobile-first mindset, otherwise, they risk losing clients that depend solely on mobile communication.

This craze is not going anywhere. Actually, nearly half of businesses in the UK use mobile messaging as they’ve found it to be an important asset in creating a positive consumer experience.

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A mobile interface is also helpful for employees and management. Workers are being seated at a desk far less than they used to be, and the former norm of being given a landline and desktop computer are being phased out. The use of landlines for business use dropped drastically by 36%, since its peak in 2008. Statistics also reveal that people pay more attention to mobile messages, as they have an open rate of 98%, whereas traditional email has an open rate of only 22%.

For optimal business success, the medium utilized for work should be flexible depending on current mobility trends. Consumer behaviors are revealing that businesses should further consider how they could implement mobile-first connections with consumers and within their internal operations. A branded enterprise app is one option for a long-term resolution to this issue that should not be overlooked.

Improve Productivity

A secure enterprise encrypted messenger can improve the speed of business processes for all parties involved. Reliable messaging makes employees much more readily available than they’d be if they didn’t have the option to go mobile.

In fact, due to the increased use of smartphones at work, it has been found that employees gain roughly 58 minutes of time at work each day because they don’t have to spend time performing menial tasks. In the same study, productivity at work increased by 34%.

To increase efficiency, the availability of senior management needs to be leveraged further than it already is. Mobility can expedite delegation of tasks, as 92% of senior executives that already use a smartphone for tasks related to work. Since mobile is relied upon so heavily, if safe applications are not used to secure conference calls, businesses could face great financial and reputational backlash.

Increased mobility can also help free up the tight schedules that members of senior management often have. Mobility can give management the chance to accomplish more while on breaks from meetings or during long days of travel, and having files secured while on the go is imperative. Since mobile technology has unique capabilities and portability, 60% of employees feel that they can accomplish more working for an employer that permits a mobile-first business model.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

There are many reasons why employees consider digital workplaces appealing. They offer a freedom that can’t be found in many office settings and add an aspect of innovation that businesses didn’t have access to previously.

Research has discovered that the technology employees have access to can have a massive effect on how they perceive their job satisfaction. If a company relies on outdated software or slower computers, staff will likely have grievances when trying to get their jobs done.

This issue will gradually become even more significant. It’s anticipated that by 2020, millennials that are technologically adept will make up 50% of the global workforce (75% by 2025). The alarming aspect is that the majority (71%) of these employees expect to use efficient and intuitive technology while doing their jobs.

Employers can directly influence their staff’s job gratification since inefficient technology directly correlates with decreased employee satisfaction. When workers are given capable software that includes compliance features such as secure attachment sending, they are more fulfilled and productive. For these reasons, robust software is a must-have for organizations. It’s also beneficial because fulfilled employees can deliver a better customer experience.

Accommodate Workers in the Field

Enterprise mobility is becoming more important because businesses are given the opportunity to hire top talent, regardless of location. It’s imperative that teams are able work synchronously with one another without getting left behind.

To ease work from home policies and BYOD policies, a mobile set of tools is required that includes:

  • An organized contact list that remains independent from the private contacts on the device;
  • Technology to easily organize chat rooms, conference or secure video conferencing to foster teamwork;
  • Capability to collaborate on a single document, take notes from meetings, and share them securely; and
  • End-to-end encryption to keep stored data safe when exchanged with clients, remote employees, or staff within the physical location.

Enterprises that are able to embrace capable software can be assured that they are able to stay ahead of their competitors in the most important ways as technology continues to evolve.

Create a Seamless Workflow

It’s imperative that smaller teams within the organization have access to the secure enterprise text messaging tool. This way, they can effectively communicate with clients, management, and each other in an uninterrupted manner, when needed. A workflow that doesn’t have to rely on paper saves time, money, and reduces the number of errors that can arise.

Ineffective processes can severely slow down complex enterprise tasks. Mobility should be implemented to streamline tasks that should be broken down further, in similar ways that conference calling and video calls can make communication simpler. Additionally, efficiency is greatly boosted within an organization by having workflows integrated into the system to work directly with the company CRM, data retention, and project task assignments.

Reduce Response Rate and Time

A secure text messaging app helps work take place rapidly which means that tasks don’t have to be put on hold. Consumers have found that mobile access allows them to receive a degree of personalization and accessibility that can’t always be obtained through a phone call. Mobility has profoundly altered the way that individuals can interact with businesses that offer services or products that they depend on.

A different market is beginning to emerge, which relies on self-service capabilities. These users prefer to conduct business entirely online and don’t enjoy having to put up with tedious processes such as filling out applications in person. By streamlining the way that your enterprise clients access what they need, you are directly eliminating their pain points.

Since the world has transitioned into one that relies on instant-access, it’s not likely that any industry or enterprise will be exempt from these expectations. It all begins with acknowledging your ideal customer and knowing frustrations that they frequently have to deal with.

Since mobile has become a go-to for consumers, this places more of a need for enterprises to utilize intuitive interfaces for secure mobile communication. When smartphones were a relatively newer phenomenon, companies could get away with simply offering a mobile website for mobile users.

Since devices can now accomplish almost any task, a mobile design should be where businesses begin when attempting to stay relevant in consumer’s eyes. Established companies can still become relevant to the mobile world by addressing customer pain points through offering the features that they need in a secure mobile enterprise application. Most importantly, employees must be equipped with an effective and safe collaboration application.


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