Fight OTT Revenue Erosion by Seizing New B2B Opportunities

Fight OTT Revenue Erosion by Seizing New B2B Opportunities

Across the telecommunications industry, average revenues per user (ARPU) are in a downward spiral, falling by 13%-36% worldwide since 2012. Despite telecommunication operators’ (telecoms) best efforts, rising data consumption hasn’t arrested this fall. If anything, increased consumer data consumption indicates a far greater threat to telecoms’ revenues and their long-term position in the industry.


Because this data isn’t used by telecom services.

It’s consumed by over-the-top (OTT) providers and their apps. OTTs capitalize on telecoms’ infrastructure and investment while their apps, including WhatsApp and Skype, encroach on telecoms’ core voice and messaging business. From 2005 through 2014, OTTs shrunk telecoms share of the industry’s profits by almost 25%. If this marginalization continues, telecoms will no longer provide services.

They will provide infrastructure.

Why are consumers and business abandoning traditional services in favor of OTT?

Over the last decade, consumer values shifted. For businesses and individuals around the world, the experience is now worth more than the price. They demand intuitive apps that they can learn in minutes, not days. They want convenience, flexibility, and choices.

For businesses, employees don’t want to carry a device in each pocket. They want to bring their own devices, use them within the workplace and at home, and collaborate seamlessly with their colleagues.

Above all, individual and enterprise consumers demand trust.

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Secure Collaboration for the Telecommunications Industry: A Business Opportunity

Whom do they trust?

Not telecommunications operators.

Google came in 3rd on the 2018 Global RepTrack Top 100 ranking, Microsoft 10th, and Apple 58th. All provide OTT services. Verizon, Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom AG didn’t make the list, despite having market values of €165.97 billion, €59.22 billion, and €65.89 billion respectively.

They weren’t alone. No telecoms made it. Not in 2018, 2017, or 2016.

The hard truth is that people are more likely to trust their vacuum cleaner manufacturer than their mobile service provider.

How can you reverse these trends?

Let Adeya help!

Using Adeya In-House

Whether you use Adeya On-Cloud, hosted on secure Swiss servers, or On-Premises, Adeya’s collaborative tools will help you improve your customer service—a must for your enterprise customers. If you integrate Adeya’s SDK with your existing tools, you can offer your customer’s on-demand access with multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Since your customer service agents are all using the same app with the same data, they know who your customer last spoke with, when, and whether they contacted you about a recurring problem. This lets you get ahead of your customer’s pain points and address them before they happen. Over time, this personalized service will help you build trust with your customers and remain competitive.

Growing Your B2B Revenue Stream by Partnering with Adeya

When you partner with encrypted messaging platform Adeya, you can deploy Adeya’s white-labeled, secure OTT collaboration and communication solutions on your local infrastructure. This lets you work with your enterprise customers and help them determine whether a dedicated private cloud or an on-premise deployment will best meet their needs and local regulatory requirements, including GDPR and industry-specific ones.

As their employees benefit from secure end-to-end encrypted messenger, SMS, calls, file sharing, and note taking, your company will evolve from their service provider to their solution provider.

If you combine excellent customer service with secure OTT offerings for your enterprise customers, you will grow your B2B revenues and, in time, offset OTT revenue erosion in your B2C business.



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