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Working Remotely Is The Answer To Containing The Epidemic Expansion

We innovated with a single tool that allows remote teams to work securely with military-grade encryption without jumping between multiple platforms.

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Adeya Business

The Collaboration Swiss Army Knife, deployed within our Swiss-cloud.

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Adeya Business

The Collaboration Swiss Army Knife, deployed within our Swiss-cloud.

Communicate Effectively with Just One Tool


Shield Confidential Communications

Create secure lines of communication and keep your people safe both at home and in the field.


Confidential Video Calls:

Interact with your team members and clients over encrypted video calls without information leakage risks or personal data being monetized.


Encrypted Voice Calls:

Collaborate sharing screens securely, presenting documents without eyedrop or print screen.


Secure Messaging:

End-to-end encrypted messenger for instant messaging and group chat. Set up your secure broadcast or team chat, today.


Secure Internal Collaboration

Working outside the office shouldn’t mean staying in the dark. Support your employees with secure video conferencing.

Video Conferencing

Confidential Video Conferencing:

Set up your next online conference in a matter of seconds with our encrypted software. Conveniently shares ideas and experiences with your team whilst following compliance with data protection.

Team messaging

Team messaging:

Transform your workforce by empowering them with instantaneous mobile messaging and boost employee productivity.


Multi-Screen Application:

Adeya Business’ secure video call tool supports responsive application design that adapts to all screen types for the very best experience.


Fast & Secure File Transfer

Protect your organization’s data assets including your client list, business strategy and trade secrets within a dedicated encrypted container.


Secure File Management:

Interact with your team members and clients over encrypted video calls without information leakage risks or personal data being monetized.


Secure Document Sharing:

Confidentially share files between different users or organizations confidentially with Adeya Business’ secure file transfer encrypted software.

Secure File Hosting

Secure Lockbox:

Empower employees with an easy-to-use, robust lockbox designed to reduce the likelihood of shadow IT.

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With Adeya, you get Swiss data sovereignty

Adeya is a privately owned company without any government strings or data monetization business model. We are based in Switzerland, which has one of the strongest and most comprehensive data protection and privacy regimes in the world. Choose Adeya Business, On-Cloud for the fastest deployment time and shield your business with Swiss data storage.

Our Customers Testimonials

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Fiedler Beate Tamara
Chief Security Officer
Adeya was introduced to us for secure communication between specific people. The implementation was quick, and the support is excellent. We are very satisfied with the service and its functions and can only recommend Adeya to others.
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Rohit Kapur Asst
General Manager
Brentford has relied on Adeya’s application in serving the needs of its clients across three continents. We have been impressed with the product’s voice quality and encrypted conference calling capabilities.
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Ash Menon
Chief Executive Officer
Adeya is the ideal solution to protect corporate information highly reliable and robust for the Finance industry. I would recommend the solution for similar organizations.
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Denis De Carvalho Leal
Chief Operation Officer
Adeya has helped me to improve productivity and easily share confidential information with the rest of our team in a secure way. Recent data breaches from those underlines the importance to adopt security by design solutions. Quality is far superior without compromising usability.

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Of Our Secure Collaboration Platform

Let’s talk about business security! Providing us with the correct information will help us understand your businesses position, enabling us to tailor the account to your needs. By working together, we can keep your business secure.

You don’t even need any hardware!

Our useful app is available for Smartphones on on Android, iOS, and it can also be used on Desktop and laptops operating on Windows, macOS or Linux.

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