What is the Best Zoom Alternative When Working in The Office or From Home?

What is the Best Zoom Alternative When Working in The Office or From Home?

A lot of us have been working from home recently and chances are, we will be working from home for a little while longer following the spread of COVID-19. This has meant that numerous businesses across the globe have had a limited amount of time to get to grips with new, digital platforms to allow them to communicate with their teams just like they would in the office.

Zoom is one of the “buzzwords” we just cannot seem to get away from under the current circumstances, with several fleeing to the app to arrange video calls, conferences and more.

But how safe is it?

Store all documentation, including playbooks and running sheets, in a centrally located platform and make it available to all team members remotely.

Review the response team’s roles and roster. Confirm all primary, secondary, and alternate are filled. Monitor each team member’s health. Ensure they have the necessary equipment needed for their duties.

Reach out to your customers. We cannot say this strongly enough. Your customers, clients, business partners, and vendors all need to know what services remain available, any new offerings, and how you plan to continue providing goods and services. Be visible.

Within the enterprise, introduce instant communications. Although these digital discussions will lack the personal touch of a business lunch or casual conversation by the water cooler, they will enable your employees to exchange ideas and keep your business moving forward.

The Issue with Zoom

Zoom has recently come under fire for its data protection and privacy, with many seeing uninvited guests enter their chats and meetings. The issue was so widespread that people began to refer to the problem as “Zoom bombing”, which left many people questioning whether the app’s security was of concern.

The application is also amid facing a class-action lawsuit after confirming that it was sharing data with social networking site Facebook, despite stating that it does not directly access, mine or sell user data.

So, why is Adeya a good Zoom Alternative for secure video conferencing?

Why Choose Adeya?

Our software is the perfect Zoom alternative, helping to put you and your employee’s minds at ease when conducting business online. It’s not just a short-term solution either, as we’ll be here continuing to support our clients and ensuring that all important pieces of information and documents remain private and secure through our secure storage and are an end-to-end encrypted messenger.

As one of the best alternatives to Zoom available on the market today, we are proud to offer our clients a range of features to ensure that their data remains in safe hands. This includes: Encrypted team messaging, Confidential video conferencing, Encrypted private calls, Secure file transfers, Secure workflows

What is the Best Zoom Alternative Adeya

Managing Your Decentralized Team

Getting used to communicating with a decentralized team can initially be challenging, but we want to assure businesses that no matter how Coronavirus has and will continue to change how we conduct business, we will be there to support them.

Through controlled access, we aim to ensure business continuity and more through our service. Our mobile and desktop applications offer secure messaging, calls, video calls, conference calls, file sharing and a secure container with a shared contact list with security features that prevent hackers accessing or decrypting your content, helping you to safely manage your decentralized team.

Our Promise

As the most secure communication, collaboration and fire sharing encrypted solution, our services are trusted by a broad range of global businesses. As the best zoom alternative, we offer our clients the best in case encryption including customizable cryptographic suites and national encryption sets to ensure that no data can be hacked nor breached. This is even more important under the current circumstances whereby more and more people are being forced to share confidential information online.

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